Friday, August 23, 2019

What's Next for Apple?

Particularly in technology, it’s hard to predict what’s next.  And if the typical consumer can, then that is probably not a great thing for the company.  Apple tends to dabble in markets that are not its core offerings - think cars - but it is difficult to see some of those products panning out.

Apple may have reached maturity in the life cycle of its hardware products, like phones, tablets, laptops/desktops, wearables.  Services will be the product that Apple focuses on going forward.  Moving from high-price, one-time purchases for hardware, towards regular and modest subscription costs and ongoing services is the best bet for the company.  With products like magazines (Apple News), television and movies (Apple TV+), iCloud (cloud storage), music (Apple Music), as well as app subscriptions (App Store), Apple Pay/Apple Card, AppleCare, and Apple Health, Apple is looking to make revenue from its users on an ongoing, frictionless basis.

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