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#222: Addicted to Donald Trump

Matt talks about his overwhelming need to be on top of the news at all times during the Donald Trump Presidency, the current media boom, the NBA Playoffs, Overcast, and the Amazon Echo Show.
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FROM THE ARCHIVES: Williams Feature: Sean Willing to Learn

Myles Garrett was drafted Number One in the 2017 NFL Draft. Garrett's older brother is Sean Williams, who was drafted in the first round of the 2007 NBA Draft. Time has sanded over what was a potentially exciting and unknown quantity. I wrote a feature on Sean in the very early stages of his rookie year.

By Matt McQueeny,
Fall 2007

Sean Williams will tell you - for at least this season - that he does not expect to be called by his birth-given name. Perhaps in year number two.

"My name isn't Sean Williams anymore; it's rook," said the Nets 2007 first-round draft pick, referring to the shortened word for rookie.

"And rook has to do whatever anybody says. So rook has to go get towels for people to take showers and rook has to get up because somebody else doesn't have a seat on the bus."

And right before each road trip, "rook" has to get the Popeye's chicken for the team's bus ride to the airport.

"And I have …

Do Not Count Out LeBron James

My nights have been upended in terms of the leisure I once enjoyed.

Pre-kid, and pre-marriage, I would get home from work at 6-6:30PM, put on some comfortable clothes, and lock in for a night of media consumption.  This consisted of screens showing sports, binge-worthy television shows, and movies, as well as magazines, news, and books.  I was a machine of multi-media destruction.  I loved the attention deficit-busting attributes of the process.

Because of this, I was someone who had the most up-to-date knowledge on almost everything at any time.

As a married parent, you learn to pick-and-choose your knowledge.  There is only so much bandwidth to ascribe to the "non-essential" day-to-day world.

In terms of sports, I start watching at 8:00 PM eastern time, after bathing, reading to, and putting my son down to sleep.  The games do not have my utmost attention, as they once did.  I am in-and-out of cleaning up the living room and assisting my wife in putting the house back to…

#219: Greg Hrinya, Tim Castano

Matt is joined in studio by Greg Hrinya and Tim Castano to talk all about the NBA as it heads into the 2017 NBA Postseason.

Greg Hrinya is in his eighth season covering the Brooklyn Nets and the NBA, where he has published the book, "The 5-Year Plan: The Nets' Tumultuous Journey from New Jersey to Brooklyn."
Tim Castano is the President of a New Jersey non-profit, and talks movies and sports for Mix-Minus.

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#218: Charles Rosen

Charles Rosen is the CEO/Founder of New Ark Farms & Jersey Cider Works.  The discussion touches on how Rosen came into this business, his varied professional career, entrepreneurialism, social enterprise, craft liquor, and more.

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