Monday, September 18, 2023

#391: From Gridiron to Gadgets: Week 2 NFL Drama, Apple’s Latest, and a Boston Whirlwind

In this jam-packed episode, Matt McQueeny takes us on a thrilling journey through the sporting world and into the realms of tech and travel. Dive into the NFL's Week 2, where the Giants staged an unforgettable comeback and the Jets faced a daunting defeat. Before Week 3 kicks off, get Matt's expert predictions and insights. But it's not all football! Discover the latest innovations from Apple's September event, including the newly launched iPhone 15 and the groundbreaking features of iOS17 – ever heard of Standby Mode? Plus, get a peek into Matt's personal tech life as he unveils what’s on his bedside table. Finally, strap in for tales from a whirlwind 24-hour business trip to Boston in his Tesla. How did he manage to sleep and park in one of America's oldest cities without breaking the bank? Tune in to find out!

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Friday, September 15, 2023

Navigating Career and Education: Takeaways from Matthew McQueeny's Journey

Transitioning from a professional setting to the academic world while balancing family life can be a tricky balance. My story may offer valuable insights for those looking to embark on a similar journey. 

Here are some key takeaways for those considering a similar path:

Embrace Life's Timing: It's never too late or too early to pursue further education. Whether you're a new parent or facing a mid-life career shift, every phase of life can offer a unique perspective to your studies.

Seek Opportunities Amidst Challenges: The pandemic was a setback for many, but it can also be viewed as an opportunity. Remote learning, for instance, offers flexibility that can be a boon for working professionals.

Trust Your Instincts: Spontaneity can sometimes lead to the best decisions. If you feel the urge to pursue further education or a career change, trust your gut and take the leap.

Use Past Experiences: Your professional background and life experiences can be an asset. They might even allow you to bypass some prerequisites for academic programs.

Seek Feedback and Collaboration: Engage with peers and mentors. Their feedback can offer invaluable insights and boost your confidence in your skills and knowledge.

Address Professional Stagnation Head-On: If you feel limited in your career growth, address the issue with your employer. Open communication can sometimes lead to resolutions, or at the very least, provide clarity on your next steps.

Value Every Role You Play: Juggling between roles, be it as a professional, student, or parent, can be challenging. But each role enriches you, offering lessons and experiences that mold your perspective.

Find Confidence in New Environments: Venturing into the academic world after a professional hiatus can be intimidating. However, remember that your past experiences often set you apart and can make you a sought-after team member or advisor.

Always Prioritize Growth: Whether it's professional or personal, always seek opportunities for growth. Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to the most rewarding experiences.

Stay Adaptable: Life is unpredictable. Whether it's a global pandemic or a personal challenge, staying adaptable and open-minded can help you navigate through and find unexpected opportunities.

While there is no guaranteed path to your goals and dreams, hopefully these pointers provide you another perspective that helps you in your own deliberations.


This content comes from my appearance on the Earnestly Speaking Podcast.

Monday, September 11, 2023

#390: NFL Week 1 Recap/Week 2 Preview (2023), Little League & Upcoming Travels

Matt talks about the NFL's opening week of 2023, previews Week 2, provides his early impressions of the NFL Sunday Ticket experience on YouTube, talks about upcoming travel to Boston and other locations, head coaching in Little League, and much more.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

#389: 2023 NFL Season Preview with Earnest 'EJ' Christian

Matt is joined by fellow podcaster Earnest Christian to preview the 2023-24 NFL Season, The NFL Sunday Ticket through YouTube, team over/unders, The New York Giants, the New York Gets, Daniel Jones, Aaron Rodgers, and so much more!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

#388: Digital Nomad

Matt talks about summer happenings, the New York Giants and New York Jets, things to consider when starting your own business, Wildwood Crest, Tim Capstraw, being a digital nomad, remote work, working from gyms, Atlantic City,, cold brew coffee, cold foam, and so much more.

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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Apple's WWDC Highlights: The Vision Pro and The Future of Mixed Reality

In the high-energy world of tech announcements and developer conferences, Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) holds a significant position. This year's event held on June 5, provided a futuristic glimpse into the ever-evolving tech landscape and unveiled some exciting developments, most notably the Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset.

Matt McQueeny, in his Mix-Minus podcast, dissected the announcements and shed light on what they mean for the future of technology.

A Dive into Mixed Reality with Apple's Vision Pro

The biggest revelation of WWDC was the announcement of Vision Pro, Apple's ambitious mixed reality headset. As McQueeny explains, mixed reality combines the immersive world of virtual reality, where one interacts solely within the confines of the headset, with the practicality of augmented reality that overlays digital information onto the real world.

McQueeny emphasized the headset's remarkable design, likening it to "premium ski goggles." But beyond aesthetics, the Vision Pro is about owning our visual experience. "Now they [Apple] want to own the vision. They want to get into the vision game," he explained.

A Big Leap, but a Long Way to Go

Despite the buzz around the Vision Pro, McQueeny acknowledges the challenges ahead for Apple. The current model's hefty $3500 price tag and relatively short battery life of two hours are significant hurdles. However, he believes Apple will work out these kinks, much like how they refined their earlier offerings.

To succeed, the Vision Pro needs a rich ecosystem of apps and experiences similar to what we see with Apple's phones and tablets. However, Apple seems to have thought this through by making the announcement now to give developers time to build within the Vision OS before the slated 2024 release.

The Vision Pro: A Theatrical Experience and a Productivity Booster

McQueeny is particularly excited about the personalized, immersive experience that Vision Pro can offer. He foresees a future where viewers can feel as if they're sitting in a movie theater while watching Netflix or experience shows and movies that incorporate their immediate environment via augmented reality.

However, the Vision Pro's potential extends beyond entertainment. McQueeny sees the headset as a revolutionary tool for multi-tasking and productivity, comparing its possibilities to the multiple screens he creates with his 49-inch widescreen Samsung monitor. With the Vision Pro, you could potentially have several screens across your eyeline. "What if I could make these headsets the monitor screen, and then you don't even need a monitor right in front of you? That to me is pretty crazy," he expressed.

Looking Beyond Vision Pro

While the Vision Pro dominated the conversation, Apple made several other notable announcements. They revealed a larger 15-inch MacBook Air, an upgraded Mac Studio and iMac Pro with a more powerful M2 Ultra chip, and a mental health-focused journaling app.

Apple also introduced several software upgrades. iOS 17 and iPad OS 17 are adding new features like a standby display mode, interactive widgets, transcription for voice messages, and enhanced AirDrop functionality. Apple is even bringing FaceTime to Apple TV, transforming the big screen into a video conferencing platform.

The Future of Apple

As McQueeny sees it, the WWDC was a testament to Apple's relentless commitment to innovation and its strategy of incremental enhancements. The Vision Pro stands as the "big swing" in Apple's product lineup, but it's more than a product; it's a vision statement about the future of mixed reality.

With this announcement, Apple is signaling its intent to lead the transition towards a mixed reality future. It will be fascinating to watch the evolution of the Vision

Experience Ultimate Peace of Mind: Discover How Apple AirTags Transform Item Tracking and Personal Safety

Apple's tiny, coin-shaped device, the AirTag, released in 2021, has completely revolutionized the world of object tracking. This Bluetooth tracker is designed to be attached to personal belongings to help users locate them through the Find My network on Apple devices. In this article, we will explore the diverse ways you can use Apple AirTags, from their primary function to some creative uses.

AirTags are also a very high-selling device, especially on Amazon.

1. Find Misplaced Items

The primary function of the Apple AirTag is to assist users in locating their misplaced items. Attach an AirTag to your wallet, keys, bag, or any other item you frequently misplace. When an item goes missing, you can use the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to see the item's location on a map. If it's nearby, you can make the AirTag play a sound to help you locate it.

2. Lost Mode and Crowd-Sourced Finding

If you lose an item in a public place, you can put your AirTag in 'Lost Mode'. When this mode is activated, the AirTag sends out a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected by any device in the Find My network, which includes millions of Apple devices. These devices can then send the location of your AirTag to iCloud, helping you locate your item.

Furthermore, if someone else finds your item, they can tap the AirTag using their iPhone or any NFC-capable device and be taken to a website that will display a contact phone number if you have chosen to provide one.

3. Track Your Luggage

AirTags can be an incredibly useful tool for travelers. Place an AirTag in your suitcase before checking it in at the airport. You'll be able to see your luggage's last known location in the Find My app. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing your luggage is traveling along with you. Plus, if your luggage goes missing, the crowd-sourced finding feature could help you locate it.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Vehicle

While not a substitute for a dedicated GPS system, an AirTag can help you remember where you parked your car, especially in a massive parking lot. Keep an AirTag in your car and easily locate it using the Find My app. Just be aware that while AirTags are water-resistant, they're not designed to handle high temperatures that can sometimes occur in parked cars on hot days.

5. Pet Tracking

An AirTag can also serve as a basic pet tracker. Attach an AirTag to your pet’s collar and you can easily track your pet's location around the house or neighborhood. However, remember that the AirTag doesn't offer real-time tracking and isn't a substitute for a dedicated GPS pet tracker, especially for pets with a tendency to wander far from home.

6. Personal Safety

Some people have begun using AirTags as a way to feel safer when walking alone, especially at night. By sharing the location of an AirTag in their pocket or bag with a trusted contact, that person can see their whereabouts and provide a level of reassurance. However, it's essential to respect privacy laws and consider the ethical implications of location sharing.

7. Child's Location

Parents can place an AirTag in a child's backpack to know their location, especially when they are at school or a friend's house. I have also seen parents in my town use AirTags as a means of tracking the school bus that their child is coming home on.  This way, if there is a delay or if the bus is running ahead of schedule, they will know in real-time. While this isn't a replacement for dedicated child trackers that offer real-time GPS and geofencing, it can provide some peace of mind.

8. Asset Tracking

For professionals who manage a large number of assets like expensive camera equipment, musical instruments, or construction tools, AirTags can be a low-cost way to keep track of these items and ensure they aren't misplaced or left behind at job sites.