My name is Matthew McQueeny.

I am in my 30s and work at a successful, mid-size technology firm on the outskirts of New York City. We design and develop Websites, optimize their content, market them through search engine and social media strategies, and host them. I have a strong background at the intersection of technology and media, on the content and management side.

I host my own podcast, called “Mix-Minus.” I launched it in September 2013 with a focus on sports, media, technology, and current events. I’ve had guests from all walks of life, from Pulitzer Prize journalists to athletes, to musicians, to a guy who got his dream job as a writer for television shows in Los Angeles –Roseanne among them – only to lose it all and become homeless, with eight kids depending on him!

In the sports world, I’ve done shows with author Jeff Pearlman, Kevin Pelton (ESPN), Dave McMenamin (ESPN), Mike Trudell (, TWC SportsNet TV, 710ESPN) Bostjan Nachbar (former NBA) and others. Through this I have become versed in launching, managing, producing, and marketing podcasts, and in the equipment and programs that yield broadcast-quality sound.

I have also been a sports writer. I got my start with sports writing through blogging. In early 2004, at the age of 21, I auditioned for and was chosen to be the New Jersey Nets fan blogger for NJ.COM (the online home of the Star-Ledger). It paid $50/month, but that didn’t matter. I was on a real and highly-trafficked platform writing every day about my favorite team. While doing that, I also wrote for several other blog-type startups, about the Nets and the New York Mets. I won a “you-be-the-GM” (of the Nets) contest for RealGM and appeared several times on The Basketball Jones podcast, which went on to become The Starters Podcast for NBA TV.

At 24, I was able to parlay this into a job with the New Jersey Nets, as their in-house beat writer. I managed all content on and covered the team from the inside in a beat writer capacity. In my second season, this included traveling with the team. Charters, hotels, behind-the-scenes – it was a whirlwind.

It was a propitious time to be involved with the Nets from a media point of view. I got to know and travel with Michelle Beadle, Marv Albert, Ian Eagle, Jim Spanarkel, Mark Jackson, Rod Thorn, Kiki Vandeweghe, Lawrence Frank, Brian Hill, and the whole interesting traveling circus of a NBA team.

Working alongside the beat writers was almost as thrilling to me as being around the players. Dave D’Alessandro, Fred Kerber, and Al Iannazzone were all local stalwarts. On one occasion, in spite of the team’s orders to not do this, I took the 4-hour roundtrip carpool ride with these beat writers to Philadelphia for one Nets-Sixers game. Sitting in the backseat, stopping for coffee, and hearing all their stories is something I will never forget.

I love and analyze sports, technology, movies, television, current events, and more. I read constantly, especially longer stuff, like the New Yorker, Harpers, the Atlantic, the Economist and most anything shared on It is the ultimate antidote to the predominately “right now,” transient form of media that is about chasing the click. As a producer, if you start with longform content – be it audio, video, written – you will always be ahead of the competition. You can always take your content, parse it, and “go short” on different platforms; they will have a much tougher time taking their shortform content and expanding on it. Meaningful longform content scales and when done right is seemingly always relevant or will be again, as the news cycle comes back and around.

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