Friday, August 23, 2019 & The Future

The jump from dial-up to high-speed internet was a crucial aspect to the success of a Software-as-a-service provider.  As we move towards 5G mobile internet, and internet overall that is quantum steps better than even what we have today, the applications and services made possible by that speed will change how we interact online, and off.  Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and algorithms will be assimilated and computed in ways that are beyond our conceptions.  They will also interact with a wired world, in what is right now called the Internet of Things.  A company like will certainly be on the cutting edge of what these technologies can make possible to its users.  Creating greater efficiencies will be an understatement.  

At a practical level, the company’s Platform-as-a-service, called, could yield more products as well.  This service allows customers to create their own applications atop the platform.  The intelligence that can gain from these everyday innovations could power the next product, for all users or for meaningful niche audiences.

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