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Combination Innovation

We are living in an amazing time for media, as it relates to consumers and creators.  There are so many platforms, so many niches, and every which way to jump into any conversation you can think of.  The price of infrastructure is no longer a barrier to your voice.  You can have a blog up and live in less than an hour, potentially in minutes if you are savvier to technology.  You are now literally the only barrier - that is, your own procrastination, feeling of unworthiness, doubt, the "infrastructure" of the nodes in your own brain.

Creating and managing my own podcast has brought me face-to-face with many of these barriers.  When you start something up yourself, you are really your only confidante, editor, critic, and champion.  My plan has always been to corral every interest flowing through my head, my experiences, my history. my viewpoints, my frame of reference.

Each one of us, every human, is our own "combination innovation."  Just as we all have our own fingerprint, we each also have our own conscious-print.  Nobody else brings your exact alchemy of nodal connections, subconscious thinking, intuition, and experiences, whether through real life, reading, watching, or synergizing it all.

Each new thing we are exposed to is added to our consciousness and intuition, strengthening it, challenging it, honing it.  As we grow older, it can become more difficult for new things to pierce what becomes a less open shell, typically made harder by bad experiences or dissonance to the way we currently "see" the world.  New stimulus that is easy is assimilated without incident; that which is hard can be assimilated, but it can take time and peril everything you convinced yourself you know.  It can also be necessary.

But keep grinding, stay as open as possible without giving yourself away, and never think that your combination of human innovation is not worthwhile.


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