Wednesday, June 7, 2023

#387: Apple's Vision Statement & Major League Baseball

Matt talks the pasage of time, Canadian Wildfires, recent travels, Air, the MLB season so far, Jacob DeGrom, Apple Vision Pro, and other announcements from Apple's World Wide Developer Conference (2023).  

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Takeaways from this episode:

The Quickness of Time: McQueeny contemplates the rapid passage of time and the importance of maximizing each moment. Celebrating his 41st birthday next month, he encourages listeners to create, leverage, and optimize every opportunity life offers.

Travel Chronicles: May was a busy month for McQueeny. He attended a Sitecore event and company gathering in Boston before heading to Austin for additional meetings. Despite the hectic schedule, he found the experience rewarding and enjoyed the social and networking opportunities it presented.

Boston to Austin: McQueeny shares his thoughts on the oddity of short flights, particularly from Newark to Boston, which he found somewhat inconvenient compared to driving or taking a train. However, given the demanding itinerary he was on, he recognized the logistical advantages of flying.

Journey on the 737 Max: McQueeny describes his slightly apprehensive experience of flying on the 737 Max, a plane model infamous for its safety issues. Despite his initial concerns, he was comforted by the extensive scrutiny the planes underwent after grounding and found the plane to be surprisingly modern and comfortable.

Inflight Entertainment and Inspiration: McQueeny watched "Air," a movie about Nike's recruitment of Michael Jordan, during his return flight from Austin to Newark. He found the film profoundly inspiring and recommended it to his listeners. The movie showcases Nike's transformation from a running shoe company to a global basketball brand, thanks to Jordan's endorsement.

Austin: The 21st Century Boomtown: McQueeny observed the rapid development of Austin, Texas, and compared its growth to a "21st-century boomtown". He appreciated the city's diverse cultural blend, feeling a bit of every part of the country converging in Austin. Despite its growth, the city retains its unique personality.

The Fluidity of Life: McQueeny reflects on the unpredictability of life, recalling his wonder at his first visit to Austin and the subsequent opportunities that led him back to the city. This serves as a reminder of how quickly circumstances can change and the importance of remaining open to new experiences.

Impact of Wildfires: McQueeny discusses the significant impact of wildfires taking place hundreds of miles away in Quebec on the local environment in New Jersey. The darkened skies and the smell of wood burning provided a stark reminder of the interconnected nature of our global environment. Despite the expected improvement in conditions by midnight, the experience left a lingering impression.

Evolution of Interest in Sports: McQueeny explores the changing dynamics of his relationship with sports. Particularly, he highlighted how his passion for baseball, which used to be his all-consuming interest, has receded into the background over the years. Other sports like basketball and football still pique his interest, but baseball has very much fallen off. He pointed out the demands of everyday life and the increased variety of entertainment options as major reasons for this change in interest. High-quality, scripted television often wins out against watching a baseball game on any given night.

State of Baseball in June 2023: Delving into the current state of Major League Baseball, McQueeny highlights the performance of several teams including the Mets, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, and the Yankees among others. He points out that despite the Mets having a good season last year, they seem to have lost some spark this year, which further discouraged his interest. He reflected on the career of Jacob deGrom, his transition from the Mets to Texas, and his recent injury. McQueeny acknowledges deGrom's brilliance on the pitch but also recognizes the issues with his dependability due to his physical health. Commenting on the overall league standings and player performance, McQueeny points out some surprising results, including the Marlins having the best hitter in baseball, and certain teams like the Padres underperforming despite making significant investments in their squad.

Apple's Vision Pro: Apple announced the launch of Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset, at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). The Vision Pro, priced at $3500, aims to revolutionize the human interaction with the digital realm by providing both virtual and augmented reality experiences. Its battery power lasts up to two hours, and it resembles premium ski goggles. Apple hopes that this new device will further entrench its influence over our senses by providing an immersive visual experience.

Future Expectations for the Vision Pro: Though the Vision Pro won't be available until 2024, Apple aims to have developers begin building within its Vision OS so that by the time it's launched, a vast array of apps and experiences will already be available. To sustain user interest, Apple will need to foster an ecosystem similar to what it currently has on its phones and tablets. This will likely mean the development of less expensive versions of the Vision Pro, akin to Apple's approach to its computer line.

Vision Pro as a Work and Entertainment Tool: With the augmented reality capabilities of the Vision Pro, users could potentially have a multi-screen work desktop, enhancing productivity and flexibility. On the entertainment side, users could enjoy a personal theater mode, potentially enhancing movie and show-watching experiences on platforms like Netflix. It could provide a more immersive and engaging experience, with shows or movies that bring the viewer's environment into play.

Other Significant Announcements at WWDC

  • Apple plans to release a larger 15-inch MacBook Air, designed as a travel companion or for those who prefer a smaller desktop screen. It's priced at $1299.
  • The Mac Studio and iMac Pro will get an upgrade with a more powerful M2 Ultra Chip.
  • Apple announced a mental health-focused journaling app, which could be a reaction to successful apps in this domain within the App Store.
  • iOS 17 brings a new standby display mode and other features, including improved transcription for voice messages, a new safety mode, a focus check-in feature, and an upgraded AirDrop functionality.
  • MacOS Sonoma and iPad OS 17 will get interactive widgets.
  • Apple Watch OS 10 brings back widgets.
  • FaceTime will be available on Apple TV, leveraging the phone's camera to provide a webcam-style experience on the big screen.

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