Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Verge Feature on Podcasting: "Just Press Play"

Podcasting is having its moment.  From Alex Blumberg's "StartUp" to Sarah Koenig's "Serial", heavily-produced shows have thrust their way into the public consciousness.  Podcasting is whatever its host and audiences want it to be.  It can be longform interviews in a garage (like Marc Maron), marathon discussions on everything under the sun in a self-funded professional studio (like Joe Rogan), it can be live, it can be prerecorded, it can be celebrity, it can be main street.  Discovering a great podcast is like when you were younger finding an indie bootleg album.  Some get hundreds of downloads, some get hundreds of thousands of downloads, and some - like the aformentioned "Serial" - get 1.5 million downloads an episode.  In a non-corporate broadcast environment, that is huge!

Check out this video that the Verge did all about podcasting.  Great work!

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